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With the advancement in technology, child abuse and exploitation is not only worsening but having new forms: child cyber-pornography, child sex tourism and child trafficking. Thus, ADVOCACY against abuse and exploitation of children should be intensified.

The Child Protect Movement is the advocacy program of CLB, that cuts across its main programs, ie., the Child’s Rights Protection Unit (in municipalities and cities), Laban Bata (Legal assistance, Training and Policy Advocacy). Its main focus is on Prevention of Abuse and Exploitation of Children.

Specific Objectives:

  • To stop abuse and exploitation of children in Cebu Cities and Province;
  • To empower children, families and communities to prevent child abuse and exploitation;
  • To unite and mobilize different sectors of society for the common goal of protecting children from abuse and exploitation.

The following activities may be done not only by the CLB but also the CRPUs, the concerned networks and organizations:
Advocacy in Schools for students, teachers and parents
  • Child’s Rights Advocacy – room to room campaign, may be done by the CRPU, BCPC or the Child’s Rights Advocates and may be in the form of Film Showing using the tools of Breaking the Silence, puppetry, cultural presentations and others.
  • Training on Internet Protection (Child Protect Seminar) – One-day training on Internet Safety, what parents and teachers can do to protect their children from abuses in the internet and from information/materials harmful to them.
  • Personal Safety Lessons (PSL) – same as CRPU
  • Child safety kits - This is still to be developed. It can include list of emergency telephone nos whom to call in cases of abuse, an ID with the names of parents and contact nos, a whistle that the child can blow if in dangerous situation and others.
Advocacy in Communities/Barangays and Workplace
  • Barangay information drive – may be done during barangay assemblies through film showing, discussion and other means on child’s rights, child abuse, child cyber-pornography and other issues present in the barangay
  • Forum for hotel, restaurant and bar owners and managers – to inform them of the issue on child abuse, exploitation, trafficking and child sex tourism, the significant laws on the matter especially that they can be held liable if children are seen with “sex tourists” in their establishments and to advocate for child friendly establishment by posting of stickers/warnings to child sex tourists/traffickers in significant places in their establishment and for them to come up with their own action plan on how to protect children from these forms of exploitation in their respective establishment.
  • Forum for internet café owners – to inform them of the issue on child abuse and exploitation particularly child cyber-pornography as it might be done in their establishment, the significant laws on the issue including the pertinent internet café ordinance and advocating for child friendly establishment by posting stickers/warnings and to come up with other ways on how to protect children using their internet from this kind of exploitation.
Policy Advocacy - Advocate for Child protection policies
  • Ban of foreign tourists convicted of child abuse in their countries
  • Registration of internet connections at barangay
  • Ban of piso-piso internet cafes
  • Others
Major Events/Mobilizations
  • Launching of CPM – The Child Protect Movement was launched in August 27, 2011 through a Walk for A Cause and a Forum. This was followed by launchings in the municipal/city levels such as Talisay City , City of Naga , Cordova and Compostela. Other cities/municipalities could also launch their CPM at any time.
  • A Day Against Child Pornography – In coordination with TDH partners FORGE and Bidlisiw, August 1, 2012 was declared A Day Against Child Pornography in the Province and some of the CRPU areas where a Walk for A Cause was done. This can be held yearly through a Provincial/City Ordinance declaring a specific day yearly to be A Day Against Child Pornography.
  • Conferences – A conference against child sex tourism was held on August 22, 2012 where NGOs, LGUs and GOs came together to discuss the issue of child sex tourism including cyber child sex tourism and formed the network Cebu Against Sex Tourism (CAST). Yearly conferences of the network shall be held.
  • Other Mass mobilizations on Significant Dates – This may include “Walk for a Cause”, fun run, Exhibit/Forum in the malls in October children’s month, March Women’s Month, December days to End Violence Against Women, December 12 Anti-child Trafficking Day
Schedule of Activities

Support Center

Management Staff
Area of Coverage The entire province of Cebu including the highly urbanized and component cities and those areas under the CRPU Program. The policy advocacy component, however, is aimed not only at the provincial but also national and international levels.
Lapulapu City, Danao City, Minglanilla, Compostela, City of Naga, Balamban,
Mandaue City, Talisay City, Cordova
  New Areas: Toledo City, Argao and Moalboal
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