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This program enhances the CRPU program focusing at the Barangay level, particularly in implementing barangay level diversion under the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act. As CRPU’s main focus is on capacity building on barangay diversion, this program includes implementation of diversion programs as well. With the implementation of diversion programs which have been proven effective, CLB is able to show examples of such programs which might later on be adopted by the barangay using their own funds and resources.

Specific Objectives:

  • Improve the implementation of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act (R.A. 9344) and related laws by capacitating local governments to provide effective interventions for CICL and CAR.
  • Improve awareness of the rights and needs of CICL and CAR by strengthening community-based child/youth groups to advocate for juvenile justice in the community.
  • Improve the level of integration of CICL and CAR in their families and communities, in educational systems (formal and non-formal), and for older beneficiaries in vocational courses and employment through referrals.

Components and Activities:
Organizing of Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) and Youth/Children

a. BCPC BCPC Reorientation, meetings, enactment of resolutions or ordinances reorganizing the BCPC, yearly assessment and planning.

b. Youth/Children’s group – Child’s Rights Advocacy training, regular meetings of the advocacy group, leadership training.

Capacity Building

a. Diversion Training for Members of the Lupon including the Barangay Chair, Tanod, BCPC among others - same as CRPU

b. Quarterly case conferences as a venue to share their experiences, identify problem areas and come up with recommendations for improvement.

c. Skills Enhancement Training on Diversion same as CRPU

d. Orientation on Neighborhood Scouting – A two-day training to orient concerned barangay officials and BCPC on Neighborhood Scouting which can be one of the Diversion programs to be implemented in their barangays. Neighborhood scouting basically organizes boy scouts in the community which is ordinarily done in the schools. The participants shall be oriented on the concepts, principles and values of scouting so they can organize the children in conflict with the law (CICL) and children at risk (CAR) as boy scouts.

e. Leadership training same as CRPU

Community and Family Based Diversion Programs

a. Neighborhood Scouting for CICL and CAR – A two-day training for the CICL and CAR to inculcate in them the values and principles of scouting and introduce the activities of the boy scouts. At the end of the training, they will be organized into neighborhood scouts to make them useful members of the community. This organization may be integrated to the CRAs.

b. Skills for Life – same as CRPU

c. Parent-Child Encounter - CICL and Parents will be separately oriented on Children’s Rights/Parenting Skills and Positive Discipline respectively and at the end will have an “encounter” to serve as venue for communication with each other facilitated by a social worker/family therapist

d. Family Therapy Sessions - Trained family therapists from the CRPU areas and CLB staff will be availed of by the Barangay for CICL who need it as part of their diversion program. The framework of family therapy is that in addressing the problems/behavior of an individual like a child (CICL), it should be viewed within the framework of a family. Family plays a large role in the development of a child and if the child has a problem this may be traced largely to the family thus should also be addressed within the framework of the family. The therapists facilitate the process of communication among family members and help them to maximize their strengths and resources to address the problem.

e. Provision of Tuition Fees for Vocational Skills Training, referral to other centers - CICL who are old enough could avail of Vocational Skills Training from existing Training Centers such as Magone Home of Don Bosco and others. Subsidy for tuition fee will be provided. For CICL who are still too young for vocational skills, they may be referred to other centers catering to them and provided with subsidy.


a.Information dissemination on diversion at the barangay level – Same as CRPU

b.Production of advocacy materials to include posters and flyers on diversion. These will be distributed during information dissemination activities.

c.Enactment of Diversion Ordinances at the barangay level a Training Writeshop will be conducted for barangay chairpersons, councilors and concerned officials of the barangay to come up with an ordinance creating the diversion committee, barangay diversion as well as appropriating budget for this purpose.

Schedule of Activities

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Management Staff

Funding Partners
Area of Coverage The entire province of Cebu including the highly urbanized and component cities and those areas under the CRPU Program. The policy advocacy component, however, is aimed not only at the provincial but also national and international levels.
5 Barangays in Cebu City : Carreta, Sambag II, Pasil, Luz and Duljo-Fatima
5 Barangays in Lapulapu City : Poblacion, Looc, Pusok, Basak and Maribago


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