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The overall objective of Laban Bata is to defend & protect children from all types of abuse and exploitation including children in conflict with the law (CICL) in the province of Cebu through protection, empowerment and policy development and advocacy.

Specific Objectives:

• To raise public awareness on children’s rights,
• To capacitate children and communities to enforce these rights,
• To provide legal assistance to abused, exploited children and children in conflict with the law, and
• To advocate for a more child sensitive legal system

The 3 P's of Laban Bata
This involves training the communities and children themselves on their rights and the pertinent laws related to child abuse/exploitation and CICL. Training includes paralegal training, legal literacy on children’s laws and child sensitivity trainings.
  • Paralegal Training – A three-day training which includes the International and Local laws involving children, procedural laws particularly on criminal cases and the child witness rule. This also includes psychological and medical aspects of children’s cases and the skills needed of a paralegal such as evidence gathering, interview and affidavit-making. The training may be focused on a certain issue involving children such as child abuse, child labor, child trafficking, children in conflict with the law
  • Legal Literacy Training – A one-day training to orient the participants on the International and Local Laws involving children. This may also be focused on a certain issue involving children.
  • Child Sensitivity Trainings – Not so focused on the laws but on child development, psychology of the child, effects of abuse on children, understanding the dynamics of the child in conflict with the law and other psychological considerations in cases involving children

    NOTE: The topics included in the above trainings may also be packaged to one training for particular groups such as police, prosecutors, judges and social workers
This includes investigation, rescue, legal assistance for abused/exploited children including trafficked victims and children in conflict with the law (CICL).
  • Investigation is the gathering of data for the purpose of rescue and litigation which may include surveillance.
  • Rescue is the taking of the child from an abusive environment in coordination with various government agencies.
  • Legal assistance includes rendering opinion, counseling, representation and litigation. When requested, legal clinics are also conducted.
  • Support for Victims includes group therapy, home visits and referrals to other services with other agencies such as temporary shelter, medical, psycho-social services as needed.
This involves continuous review of existing laws and advocating for a more child sensitive judicial system. It also includes filing of novel cases (test case litigation) to set judicial precedents or to advocate for the implementation of existing children’s laws. Activities include Policy research on children’s issues, Drafting of proposed laws/bills related to children, lobbying for laws and local ordinances, UNCRC Monitoring, Publications and Networking.
  • Test case litigation is when CLB files a case not only for a particular client but for advocacy to set a judicial precedent interpreting a vague or untested provision of a law to protect children. The case may be used in future cases. Another objective is to advocate with law enforcement for the implementation of existing children’s laws which are new or only few cases have been filed using the law.
  • Policy research is a study of existing policies on a particular child-related issue and coming up with recommendations for new policies or amendment of existing ones.
  • Drafting and Lobbying of Proposed laws/ordinances - based on the recommendations of the policy research, a draft of proposed laws/ordinances is prepared and lobbied to the particular body concerned, i.e., congress or Sanggunian at the local level.
  • UNCRC Monitoring is done in partnership with the Children’s NGO Network wherein existing government programs and laws are monitored in terms of compliance with the provisions of the UNCRC. The activity is aimed at coming up with recommendations on different issues concerning children for government to act on in partnership with NGOs and civil society. When it is time for government to report their compliance with UNCRC, a supplemental or alternative report shall be prepared.
  • Network Advocacy - the advocacies as above mentioned is done through networking as CLB believes that it is more effective to work together rather than to work alone. Thus, it involves existing networks like Children’s NGO Network, Alternative Law Groups, War Against Trafficking, joins other networks for the particular issue advocated such as Juvenile Justice Network or creates another network for a specific issue such as the Cebu Against Sex Tourism and maximizing GO-NGO formations such as Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children and the IACATS – regional, provincial and city level.
  • Publications – CLB has come up with several publications related to children’s right such as Manual on CRC Monitoring and a Paralegal Manual for Child Abuse cases. It also has a column entitled “Balay-balay Tubig-tubig” thrice a week in Superbalita, a Cebuano newspaper
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Area of Coverage The entire province of Cebu including the highly urbanized and component cities and those areas under the CRPU Program. The policy advocacy component, however, is aimed not only at the provincial but also national and international levels.
Lapulapu City, Danao City, Minglanilla, Compostela, City of Naga, Balamban,
Mandaue City, Talisay City, Cordova
  New Areas: Toledo City, Argao and Moalboal
Children's Legal Bureau, Inc.


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